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Futuristic home is serving the Metropolitan new york area from the 5 boroughs to the East end of Long Island.


Futuristic Home Inc.

has evolved into a total home integration package over the years. We have been following technology and staying on it's cutting edge since 1987. Back in 1987 technology was limited, and the learning curves were painful. Today, technology has finally entered an arena where we can confidently integrate all areas of your home or office to the point of necessity. Yesterday's wiring methods are not only antiquated, but costly. They cost you by limiting your abilities, causing you to waste not only time but money too. Today's technology will pay you back in time, money, peace of mind, and as much control of your life as you are willing to have. Home integration is no longer just for the rich and famous.


What is integration?

It is the ability to tie all of your home or office operating systems together. Electricity, telephone and communications, audio, video, computer data, security, lawn care, basic appliances and so on ... can now all be tied to a central hub to communicate to each other within your home or from an outside source. Futuristic Home is one of the few companies that can do it all. From your basic electrical wiring systems, to high-end audio / video and automation systems. We bring to the table experts in each field, giving you one person, and one company to take care of your entire home or office wiring systems.



So why us?

We specialize in bringing you the best in all of the following fields:

  • Line Voltage Electrical Wiring
  • Lighting Controls
  • HVAC Controls
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Automation & Green Technology
  • Whole House Audio
  • Flat Screen TV Installs
  • Home Theater
  • Assisted Living
  • Web Designing

Why choose the best? ... Because it will always work!

Browse our site, or call to find out why what we do is not just a luxury, it's a necessity.We have several locations on Long Island where you can look at fully operational systems along with being able to view a live on line demonstration right from you own computer with internet access!

We do New and Renovation installs, as well as large installs for builders. We are presently on a 150 home site in Wading River NY along with a few smaller sites in Roslyn and South Hampton for Birchwood Homes.

Futuristic Home has been featured in magazines and recognized for our ability to design and install innovative projects. Here are some of the latest articles and awards!

Smart Home October 2008







    HAI Five-Star Dealer since 2003

Each year HAI celebrates its Anniversary with Announcement of its Five Star Dealers and once again Futuristic Home Inc. has earned a ranking among the top leaders since 2003.

Winners were selected based on various criteria, including the number of years a dealer has been installing HAI products, number of systems installed in the previous year, and unique marketing or programming solutions that involved an HAI product.

We take great pride in being part of the Elite HAI Five Star Dealer program in one of the fastest growing industries!


For the 2007 Innovation Design of the Year Award

Futuristic Home was one of 3 finalists chosen to be represented at this years EHX awards banquet for the Innovations Award category. The award recognizes the innovative achievement of a specific application. Each finalist was chosen on their ability to create a solution that best demonstrated a unique application of technology for an unusual challenge.

For the 2008 Best Inetgrated Security Project of the Year Award

This award recognizes the finest integrated security system, including security controllers, sensors, cameras and access devices. The winning entry should demonstrate how technology was used for fire and intrusion protection, property monitoring, door entry control, and/or emergency detection such as water leakage, as well as integration with other home technologies, including lighting, HVAC controls, distributed video and/or home automation.

For the 2011 Innovation & Universal Design of the Year Awards

Futuristic Home won the Platinum awards for both categories at the 2011 EHX awards banquet for a project providing complete control of all home features to the occupant who has progressed ALS. The awards recognized the innovative achievement of the specific application, along with the universal design features providing handicapped individuals the freedom of full home controls most of us take for granted every day. Each finalist was chosen on their ability to create a solution that best demonstrated a unique application of technology for an unusual challenge. The winning entry epitomizes Universal Design by fulfilling specific needs of the homeowner that include an adaptable living environment, simple and flexible user interface solutions, communication of critical user information, low demand for physical effort, and a high tolerance for the users capabilities. This project may also highlight technology solutions that anticipate the needs of the future/current homeowner by helping the home evolve with the user's abilities and desires for decades to come. Futuristic Home’s design and installation teams proved once again that we truly “Bring Lifestyle Solutions to Life.”


For the 2013 Multi Room Audio - Video Project of the year

Futuristic Home won the Gold Award at the 2013 EHX awards banquet for the McTernan project in Point Lookout, NY. We combined both their main house, guest house and common back yard areas to have either independent choices of music or have the option to bring all of the areas together in what is called "Party Mode" and enjoy the same music in all areas at the same time. We used several different video options throughout the house from a Seaura Mirror TV in the master bedroom, a Smart TV in the living room that tucked away in the cabinetry utilzing an articulating mount, a 60" LED TV in the upstairs theater with surround sound that boasted invisible Stealth Accoustic sub woofers, while on the North Deck a totally weather proof Sunbrite TV, and last but definintely not least, was the inflatable movie theater screen for the back yard that was powered by Iogear's wireless HDMI system. The first Movie night that year was Grease, and was a huge hit as we not only watched the movie in the back yard, but was able to listen to the movie throughout the entire property by placing the audio system in "Party Mode". We used Stealth Accoustic speakers in the living and dining rooms so the speakers would blend in with the specially designed ceilings and be totally invisible. The audio system was driven by several Sonos players that offer endless access to many choices of music.



For the 2013 Custom Home of the Year Award


Futuristic Home won the Platinum Award at the 2013 EHX Awards Banquet for the McTernan project in Point Lookout, NY. By integtrating all of both homes Security, Temperature, LIghting, Telephone, Internet and entertainment systems together we were able to create a "Smarter, Safer, Greener" home that is a lot of fun to live in! The most important part of a security system is that it provides the best protection for the saftey of the occupants. Fire and Carbon alerts do not just trigger sirens. They turn on bedroom and means of egress lighting, flashing exterior lights, while shutting down air flow systems so smoke and Carbon does not get distributed throughout the entire house. We can even record the parents voices and use them to alert the children in case of an emergency. We have flood sensors throughout all areas of the home that will shut down the main water valve in case of a water leak.

Temperature control is very important since the family spends time at their main house in New Jersey. They can keep the temperature levels rolled back for extended time frames and make a quick adjustment prior to coming out to Point Lookout to get the homes to a comfortable level upon arrival. Lights and thermostats are run on automated schedules for away and home conditions. I Pads and I phones are the main interface to the entire home's features. A strong Wi-Fi systems augments the multi room hard wired networks that interconnect both buiildings. Phone, Intercom, internet, TV, and audio are shared by both homes. The system is controled by HAI automation that allows not only full and complete control while at home, but remote access through I phone and I pad apps when away.

Just about every type technology can be found on this project. A Seura Mirror / TV was used in the master bedroom to make the best use of wall space, while in critical areas of the home, Stealth Accoustic invisible speakers were used for asthetical results. Living room TV is able to retract into the cabinetry and dissapear when not in use, while the Sunbrite TV located on the north Porch can stay outside all year long. The TV's are connected to the house audio system to be able to listen to them on either the individual rooms speakers, or distributed throughout the entire home if desired. The outdoor theater folds up into a small suitcase when not in use, and inflates in minutes when ready for back yard movie nights.